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Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

This month in Cardinals history

Happy Bird-day! 90 years ago on April 8th, the birds on the bat made their debut on the Cardinals' uniforms during a pre-season "city series" game against the American League St. Louis Browns. The now-iconic redbirds have enjoyed their perch as they have stayed on the jerseys in some form since their debut, except for a brief vacation in 1956.

Interesting Fact

On occasion, the Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum will temporarily loan items from its expansive collection to other museums. Currently, the largest loan in the history of the Museum -- 100 items -- is on display in a special exhibit at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. This exhibit, entitled Play Ball! The St. Louis Cardinals, covers the history of the franchise and its connection to Arkansas. It will be on display through September 16th, 2012, and features, among other things, 13 jerseys, nine bats, five championship rings and even a quilt! For more information, click here.

Featured Object

In 1966, Civic Center Busch Memorial Stadium provided a wonderful new downtown venue for professional sports in St Louis, but it struggled to keep healthy grass year after year in right field due to the consistent shadows and lack of airflow. The club looked for a solution and found it in a product from St. Louis-based Monsanto -- AstroTurf. Following successful implementation at the Harris County Domed Stadium (the original name for the Houston Astrodome), AstroTurf was installed for the 1970 season and provided a consistent surface free from the growth concerns of natural grass. Note the Cardinals reference on this informational pamphlet from Monsanto dating to the 1970's in the Cardinals Museum collection.