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St. Louis Cardinals Fantasy Camps

You grew up idolizing them and always dreamed of donning the Birds on the Bat.

Your lucky numbers are the Cardinals retired numbers and the years they won their 11 World Series Championships.

You brave the unpredictable weather of Opening Day each spring and drop three pounds of sweat each summer to watch them play the game.

You dream of touching the grass on the field, sliding into home, playing catch with the greats, and hitting a homerun off some of the finest pitchers to grace the mound.

You live and breathe Cardinals baseball.

It's time to move from the bleachers to the batter's box. It's time for you to join some of the all-time Cardinals greats at the St. Louis Cardinals Fantasy Camps!

In 2014 the Cardinals joined forces with Mercy Hospital, and a portion of the proceeds from Fantasy Camp will benefit Mercy Cardinals Kids Cancer Center in St. Louis.

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Benefiting the Cardinals Kids Cancer Center