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Teacher Appreciation Night

16th annual ENGIE Teacher Appreciation Night

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Phillies celebrated area educators during the 16th annual ENGIE Teacher Appreciation Night on May 13 vs. the Cincinnati Reds.

Call for Nominations

Each year, the Phillies select 10 area teachers nominated by current and former students, parents and peers to honor as Teacher All-Stars.

Prior to the Phillies game on May 13, the top 10 All-Stars were honored on field during a ceremony. The 10 All-Stars and 10 Honorable Mentions were also acknowledged during a pregame Tent Party on the same date and then enjoyed the 7:05 p.m Phillies game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Stay tuned for information on how to nominate a teacher for the 2017 event.

Ticket Discounts

To help honor all educators, teachers and their families received an $8 discount on tickets in locations regularly priced $47 and under for the May 13 ENGIE Teacher Appreciation Night.

2016 Teacher All-Stars
  • Elizabeth Angelo nominated by Erica Norris
  • Catherine Bala nominated by Megan Wescott
  • Diana Callahan nominated by Jill Barlow
  • Andrea Fink nominated by Payal Sajeski
  • Jim Fusco nominated by Zachary Freitick
  • Marie Ireland nominated by Renee Krogmeier
  • Stefani Kirk nominated by Luke Growney
  • Kimberley O’Brien nominated by Emily Kleinle
  • Lt. Col. James Turnbull nominated by Grace Turnbull
  • Rebecca Walker nominated by Barb Cronin
Honorable Mentions
  • Nicole Hackett nominated by Victoria Wilkins-Eden
  • Dr. Michael Devitt nominated by Jennifer Lovenstein
  • Jennifer Jarema nominated by Lynda McNulty
  • Nova Hostetter nominated by Olivia Plinke
  • Matt Farina nominated by Trish Barnyak
  • Joyce Whelan nominated by Lauren Tankersly
  • Joan Schwarz nominated by Sr. Margaret Rose Adams
  • Andria Bianchi nominated by Salman Sheikh
  • Jennifer Afflerbach nominated by Susan Basile
  • Brittany Kristman nominated Janine Bristow

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions regarding the program.