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Press Release

03/16/2005 12:33 PM ET
Joint Major League Baseball, MLB Players Association statement

Certain media outlets have reported today that staff sources from the House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform assert that Baseball does not have a binding, revised drug-testing agreement.

Major League Baseball Executive Vice-President Rob Manfred responded to the assertion as follows: "Despite extensive communication with the Committee and three personal meetings with Congressman Davis, this concern has not been raised directly with Baseball. If it had been, we would have informed the Committee that the agreement is a draft only in the sense that it has not yet been sent out for printing.

"More important, Major League Baseball and the Players Association are operating under the document provided to the Committee and began testing on March 3rd. The sources of the media reports are also apparently unaware that under well-established labor law principles, the agreement is sufficiently concrete that either party could be legally compelled to actually sign the document."

Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director Don Fehr added, "We agree with Baseball that the document provided to the Committee reflects our agreement, and we expect player ratification within days."