I think the best word to describe my season so far is "crazy." I was with one team, one organization and then I went home. Then, I was with another team, another organization, and I went home again. This is definitely not the way I would have scripted things.

I got a call from the Rockies as I was heading home that second time. It did not come completely out of left field. I knew they had reached out to us at some point, but still I did not know what would come of it.

It was a very pleasant surprise. I was going home to Georgia and living my life. I kind of had come to the point where I was OK with it. But, after the call, I was excited to get back to where I spent 14 years.

When it comes to my motivation now, really, I am just trying to compete. It is about competing and showing people that I can still win at this level. Hopefully, what I do now will lead into another job down the road. We will see what happens.

I don't think my last start was comparable to my earlier starts. I felt that I threw the ball better in my last start. I felt that my stuff was better. It just didn't work out in the end. That was a game we definitely should have won.

Overall, I am glad I am back, and I am glad to be pitching in the big leagues. My focus is on ironing out some mechanical things. I'm trying to continually get better.

Veteran Kevin Milwood has won 160 games during his career. He is 1-1 with a 4.26 ERA over four starts with the Rockies. Earlier this year he pitched at the Triple-A level for both the Yankees and the Red Sox.