• The Giants won the World Series, got a call from the Oval Office (YouTube) and now they get to put the icing on the cake by meeting President Barack Obama. "Almost as soon as the last out of the World Series was made, the thought crossed my mind, 'Wow, we get to go to the White House, shake the president's hand and present him with a jersey,'" said outfielder Cody Ross. "It's been a long time coming, and I think everybody's excited. It's the last thing we have to do to finally seal the 2010 season." (USA Today)

• It's official: Brandon Phillips has joined the planking craze. (Twitter)

• While David Price fought Red Sox batters, his mind drifted from the mound to longtime best friend Terry Wanthalangsy, who was in the operating room fighting to survive a brain tumor. "It's kind of tough, not to think about your best friend having brain surgery. He did good, though," said the Rays ace, who could finally relax after ending the night with a win and a text message from Wanthalangsy's mom that the doctors "got it all." (St. Petersburg Times)

• The big leagues' best spill on what it's really like to be an All-Star. (MLB.com)

• Injured Ike Davis may be on the disabled list, but he hasn't forgotten about the many kids and their families who are sick and hurting from childhood cancer. The Mets' first baseman hosted "A Night With Ike Davis" to benefit anti-cancer organizations, Solving Kids' Cancer and The Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative, both founded by parents who lost their children to the disease. "Losing someone and seeing the family go through that at such a young age, it's just not right," said Davis, who developed a passion for cancer research and awareness after losing a childhood friend to cancer. "Parents watching their [children] die, that hit deep inside me. It just didn't gel right, so if I can do little things to make a difference in a kid's life or in a young adult's life, I'm going to do it." (New York Post)

• Derek Jeter's secret to becoming a pinstripes legend? The captain swears by a meal of pancakes and an omelette before every baseball game (The Daily Meal). Teammate Alex Rodriguez sticks with fresh fruit during his pregame ritual. (The Daily Meal)

• Check out on-field and behind-the-scenes images from the All-Star Game shot by Rangers pitcher and amateur photographer C.J. Wilson. (C.J Wilson)

Tweet of the Day: "@alexmorgan13 the TB Rays want to have you USA soccer girls out to throw out first pitches and chill at a game!" -- Rays third baseman Evan Longoria (@Evan3Longoria), to USA women's soccer forward Alex Morgan. Morgan's reply: "lets do it!" (@alexmorgan13)

Quote of the Day: "You're supposed to play all 162, aren't you? I want to play in every game. I want to start in every game. I don't want to miss a single thing. I hate sitting out. I love playing every single day, whether I'm hurt, whether I'm not feeling 100 percent. I want to play." -- Nationals second baseman Danny Espinosa, who has played in all 97 Nationals games this season. (The Washington Post)