Despite our recent mini winning streak, we haven't accomplished anything yet. We are still under .500. Until you get to .500 and surpass .500, you really aren't in the conversation for anything.

We have really put ourselves behind the eight ball early. Still, the good news is there are more than 120 games remaining this year. That is plenty of time to do things right and plenty of time to get into this thing. Ultimately, we still want to achieve our goals, the goals we set at the start of the year. We have just made things harder on ourselves by the way we have played to start this year.

Winning some recent games has been the result of a lot of timely hitting. We have had some more offense overall as well. For a while, we were getting just one or two runs a game, and it's tough to win like that. The last few games that we have won, we have scored more. It was a matter of everybody stringing together some good at-bats. Sprinkle in some walks and some timely hitting, and you can break some games open. That can come with experience.

As a group, and with our staff and hitting coach, we are really good at staying on top of things and putting out some of the fires that can occur during the season. When it comes to some of the younger guys struggling, this might be the first time that they have had a stretch like this. Or this is the first time they have experienced some of the things we have experienced so far this year. They haven't seen all these situations. As a teammate, you are always there for them whether they want to talk about something, or if they have a question. You have to try and help the guys next to you.

Another plus of late for us is the return of Jake Peavy. It is good to see him back. When he went down last year in late June, they were talking about it being a full 12 months before he would be able to pitch again. The fact that he is back and pitching before they said he could is really encouraging. Things went real for him in rehab, and it will be interesting to see how he pitches as he gets back out there. He will need to stay healthy and get into that good routine, and he will be fine as the season goes along. With good health, he can give us a lot the rest of the year. I am hoping he has a healthy return.

Veteran slugger Paul Konerko has nine home runs and 28 RBIs for the White Sox, a club that entered play on Monday with a 17-24 record. Teammate Jake Peavy, a former Cy Young Award winner, returned to the mound on Wednesday and pitched six innings in a no-decision after successful shoulder surgery last season.