Ryan Dempster is eager to return to the starting rotation this season, but he'll miss that ninth-inning adrenaline rush.

"There's not too many feelings I can imagine in professional sports like pitching the ninth inning at Wrigley Field," the 30-year-old right-hander told MLBPLAYERS.com in a recent Players Talk show.

"It's truly remarkable, but I did miss the starting aspect. I did it my whole life -- through high school, minor leagues and big leagues -- and had some good success at it, and I'm looking forward to getting back in there and doing it all over again."

Dempster has started 162 games as a Major Leaguer but none of them have been since 2005, when he had six starts, and he hasn't been a full-time member of rotation since 2003 with Cincinnati.

The right-hander went 14-10 in 2000, 15-12 in 2001 and 10-13 in 2002 with the Marlins.