A lifelong love of collecting has left Ben Broussard with some special baseball cards in his possession. The Seattle Mariners' first baseman recently answered some questions about his collection:

MLBPLAYERS.com: When did you first start collecting?

Broussard: I was probably 10, 11 years old. My dad (Gary Broussard) and I started collecting. We all started looking in the Beckett books and going to card shows and trying to get autographs.

MLBPLAYERS.com: What were some of the best cards you had?

Broussard: We'd also sit out in the parking lot and sweat all day in Texas, where I lived, waiting for players. We got Nolan Ryan autographs. I had his rookie card, a split with Tom Seaver, I believe. It was our prized possession. We had another Ryan rookie card. Someone had it cut in half. Another top card we had was a 1957 Ted Williams card. I got it at a card show in Texas. I remember staring at that card, and I always was a big fan of his. I liked the Jose Canseco cards, but I also like the older ones.

MLBPLAYERS.com: Did you have any other favorite recent cards?

Broussard: I liked Bo Jackson cards a lot. We spent a lot of time putting them in glass cases. They're up in the attic in boxes, but still in cases.

MLBPLAYERS.com: What was the first card you were on?

Broussard: Probably rookie ball -- the Billings Mustangs. Just the baseball cards. It was cool just having a card. I don't look at them that much. I'm hoping the family will collect them all and I'll see them later. People want you to sign them, but sometimes it gets out of hand, especially with card collectors. I like to sign for kids.

-- Red Line Editorial