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Posted 12/1/12 at 2:15 PM

Brian Wilson's Giants career might be over, so let's reflect on his facial hair history

Brian Wilson was not tendered a contract by the Giants on Friday, meaning the closer who embodied the team's idiosyncratic image may have played his last game in a San Francisco jersey.

The mohawk, the tattoos, the painted nails, the orange cleats, the pantomiming playing an organ on a teammate's hat -- there are a lot of off-the-wall things for which Wilson is known, but none is as instantly recognizable as his beard. So how did his majestic face-mane get to where it is today?

It was a long, fitful journey -- from wispy goatee, to early proto-beard, to soul patch, to complete clean-shaveness, to finally embarking on the two-year-plus path to extremeness he's still on today. Review it yourself in the chronology above.

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