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10/11/10 11:12 PM ET

Postgame interview with Bobby Cox

Q. How did that feel at the end?

BOBBY COX: We played a really good ballgame. And Derek pitched great, I thought. And we got the ground balls, they just were just out of reach. We wanted this game big time to get back to San Francisco. It just didn't happen. The balls were just out of reach for us, turning double plays. I'm proud of the team. I told them that a little while ago. They've come a long ways with this team. They played their hearts out, and I'll miss them.

Q. The fans called for you while the Giants were out on the field, and then the Giants paid their respects. Can you describe that?

BOBBY COX: That was nice of them. These fans have been great. They've packed this place just about the last five ballgames. And we appreciate their support, I do, and the players. I have all through my career here. They've been just absolutely great.

Q. How aware were you of the Giants' players all saluting you at the end?

BOBBY COX: I saw them. And I gave them a thumbs up, too. They played good, tough, and they had good pitching. We hit and run there in the 8th inning, it was right at Renteria. If it was anywhere else, we're first and third and in real good shape to get back in it. We just couldn't do it. But that was nice, a nice gesture by the Giants. I love Bochy. He's one of the best guys in baseball. If we couldn't win, I'm glad he did.

Q. Pregame you said that you weren't even really focusing on the fact that this could be your last game. Now that the game is over, how are you feeling?

BOBBY COX: Well, like I said, we wanted to win this game. I've been emotional when we've gotten beaten in the World Series, and it feels the same. It doesn't feel like this is the last time I'm putting it on, but it certainly is, and I won't put it on again, so...

Q. Did you address the players afterwards and what did you say?

BOBBY COX: The best I could. Told them I was really proud of them a grown man shouldn't do this. But I can't say enough about Derek Lowe. He's going to be a 20 game winner next year, I think, if they get any support at all. He has really changed his game plan. He and Roger McDowell, and I can't say enough about Roger and the entire coaching staff. I'm thankful for them that they got us this far.

Q. What do you kind of make of this series as a whole?

BOBBY COX: Well, if you're a National League fan, it's the greatest baseball you can see, really. Each game was, you know, a ground ball by three or four inches, game's on the line. So it couldn't have been a better series. Only if we had won it.

Q. What do you have planned for your first day as a non manager? As a kind of regular citizen?

BOBBY COX: I don't know. I'm going to try to come out here. I'm not sure yet. We still have family and guests in our house, and I'm not sure.

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