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10/10/10 8:42 PM ET

Postgame interview with Bobby Cox

Q. Just about taking Kimbrel out to put in Dunn, do you prefer Dunn against a left hander even though --

BOBBY COX: He's been a big part of our bullpen. You can't walk a guy that gave up a walk, a base hit. I was hoping Dunn could locate. He got the first pass ball over and he hung a breaking ball to get it off the plate.

Q. What do you say to a kid like Conrad at this point?

BOBBY COX: Not much. Everybody's talked to him. We've encouraged him as much as we can.

Q. Will Brooks play tomorrow?

BOBBY COX: I'll have to sleep on it.

Q. With the lead, was there any thought of taking Brooks out for defensive purposes and putting --

BOBBY COX: No, we were down to one player on the bench with Hernandez, position guy, and we didn't want to use Ross.

To answer your question on the lefty, if he hits a double or a homer off Kimbrel, then you're asking why we didn't bring in the lefty. We don't have Wagner. We don't have O'Flaherty.

Q. To sort of follow on that a little, is that maybe how going forward the ninth is going to look as match ups --

BOBBY COX: I have no clue. We're playing it by ear the whole way. And we're trying to win the game. We're not trying to lose these games. We're trying to win them.

Q. Along those lines, along those lines with all the injuries you guys have had, Heyward bangs against the wall and goes down. The catcher trips on the bat and you don't know if he's okay. Do you ever just feel like you're just going to run out of players and chances?

BOBBY COX: Well, we had this one won. We gave up a walk, a base hit and a base hit. You know, we're not that -- we're not the best team in baseball, okay, but we can win games and we can compete against anybody. But we can't afford to make mistakes.

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