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10/08/10 11:36 PM ET

Game 2 postgame interview with Cox

Q. Bobby, how is Billy?

BOBBY COX: We're not going to write him off yet. I think he's probably done for this series for sure. We're not sure. It's an oblique. He did it on Edgar's bunt. And for Billy to come off the mound, it had to be hurtin' pretty bad. Obliques general take a while.

Q. What did you see on that play at first base that made you so upset?

BOBBY COX: I thought he was way off the bag at least 6, 8 inches. And he calls him safe, Ankiel gets a base hit, Hanson bunts him over, and Infante, 3 2 game, maybe.

But I honestly wasn't going to talk about it if we had gotten beat. It's umpires' judgments and they make great calls and they miss them once in a while. I thought he was off the bag from the dugout.

Q. Was there any spillover because it was the same guy?

BOBBY COX: Well, I brought that up. The only run that scored last night, he was out. But still I respect the umpires, and they're human. So am I. And I'm not always right.

Q. Bobby, what were you thinking watching there with Glaus at third base when he fields the ball and throws to second to start the double play?

BOBBY COX: I thought he did a good job of it, and I was you know, I was around. I was proud of Troy. He hadn't played in a long time, and he made a nice play. And they turned a real tough double play.

Q. I was going to ask about Ankiel, you know he has that power. He's done it a couple of times.

BOBBY COX: You know, I talked to Ned Yost when we got him. He said, "He can carry your club for a period of time," and we've been waiting for that. And he had a great night tonight defensively and offensively, and he's got tremendous power. If you watch your batting practices, he's the one hittin' them all out of the ballpark.

Q. Can you talk about the job your bullpen did?

BOBBY COX: Bullpen, again, two nights in a row, we've been absolutely perfect. Tommy Hanson deserved better. He made one bad pitch and Pat Burrell has been really good. He missed by about 10 inches and that's right in Pat's wheelhouse. And he had great stuff tonight. Fed pitched 8 innings. He would have struck out 8, 10 batters.

Q. Bobby, you got a win to go home 1 1. You're down 4-0, and you come back and win the game. Can you give us perspective on baseball and this game for you?

BOBBY COX: You can never figure out baseball for sure. But I was telling our guys before the game, you know, win this one, the momentum swings the other way.

And it's a great club to manage. There is no problems on this club. They're always hustling. They're working out. They give you everything they've got. We're not the most talented club in the major leagues, but hard work and trying, dedication, we got to be at the top.

Q. Now that you know there is a Game 4 in the series and it's wide open, when are you going to decide what you're going to do for a pitcher Monday?

BOBBY COX: I'm leaning right now to Derek. I think he only threw 88 pitches, and he's been politicing before this series started, and he's good on 3. He didn't throw a lot of pitches, he didn't labor. And right now, I would lean toward him. Subject to change, but I don't know what.

Game 2 postgame interview with Ankiel

Q. Did you get a shaving cream pie?

RICK ANKIEL: I did. When I came in, the guys were all over me. We celebrated as we normally do and it was fun.

Q. How does it feel too hit a home run in such a big game?

RICK ANKIEL: It's hard to describe or put into words. The biggest homer of my career by far, and to be honest with you, I wanted to go from the batter's box to the dugout. I didn't want to run the bases.

I wanted to be with the guys. But what a cool way to win.

Q. You were 2 2, describe that bat.

RICK ANKIEL: He's tough. I feel like he likes to use the split along with his fastball. So I tried to get a good pitch to swing at, and I got a good fastball. I put good wood on it and a good thing happened.

Q. You waited a long time and worked really hard since you made your postseason debut. How sweet is it to have people remember this as your performance in the postseason instead of what they may remember from the past?

RICK ANKIEL: It's been a long, fun journey. And I appreciate everything that's happened. And I appreciate the Braves bringing me over here on the deadline. And what a fun thing, what a cool thing to be a part of, from Bobby retiring to all the way here. I mean, I can't put into words how it feels.

Q. Can you talk about Matt Cain and Hanson after going down 4 0 allowing you guys to come down?

RICK ANKIEL: What's that?

Q. Can you talk about Matt Cain, the way he pitched tonight and then Hanson keeping you guys in the game, allowing you to come back from 4 runs down?

RICK ANKIEL: They're both tough pitchers, I think where credit is due is to our bullpen, Hanson stayed in thereafter giving up the big Homer and our bullpen shut it down so you got to give credit to those guys.

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