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10/08/10 12:10 AM ET

NLDS Game 1 postgame interview: Cox

Q. Bobby, what did you think of the play at second base? Did you get a chance to see it?

BOBBY COX: I haven't seen it. Some of the guys came down after that inning and said he was out by six, eight inches. From the dugout, you can't see anything and I didn't see a reaction from our infielders.

Q. I was curious about the decision to walk Sandoval that inning.

BOBBY COX: What's wrong with that?

Q. I'm just curious. I'm not questioning it.

BOBBY COX: We made an error. That's all I can say.

Q. Just to follow up on what he was asking about, the walk to Pablo Sandoval, he had struck out against Lowe in the first inning, not looking very good. Ross was 3-for-10 off of Lowe --

BOBBY COX: Sandoval was 4-for-10.

Q. I thought he was 1-for-5?

BOBBY COX: I thought he was 4-for-10. Anyway, we made the right move. We made an error.

Q. Was it a lefty righty matchup you were looking for? Righty righty matchup you were looking for?

BOBBY COX: He made the pitch and got a ground ball. We kicked it.

Q. You've seen a lot of catchers over the years. Your impressions of Posey, a rookie.

BOBBY COX: I like him a lot. He's got all of our respect as a catcher and a hitter.

Q. Obviously, Tim Lincecum pitched a beautiful game. Do you have any comments about that?

BOBBY COX: He was lights out. We had two runners at second base the whole night and that was it. I don't know how many he struck out, but it was more than fingers on my hand.

Q. Can we get a status update on Hanson and what's going on for tomorrow?

BOBBY COX: He's pitching tomorrow.

Q. But there is nothing wrong --

BOBBY COX: I think he's fine.

Q. One of the things that Lincecum was able to do was to get your guys chasing pitches up and in the dirt. Is he that good?

BOBBY COX: His breaking stuff is always out of the strike zone. Easier said than done, "Don't swing at it." It's almost impossible.

Q. Bobby, the ball that you were talking about, I guess it scored a base hit, the one that went below Omar Infante's glove --

BOBBY COX: I thought it was an --

Q. I think it was called a base hit. I'm not sure, but the point is you've got guys plugging positions all over the place because of your injuries.

There is not much you can do about it, is there?

BOBBY COX: We've got one spare infielder, actually, Hernandez.

Q. Going back to the play at second base, are you in favor of instant replay?

BOBBY COX: I just leave it as it is, you know? That's fine the way it is. We would be arguing and throwing red flags 10 times a night.

Q. You got overshadowed. What do you think of Lowe's performance?

BOBBY COX: He pitched tremendous, you know, we kicked the ball, at second. We kicked the ball at third. Every time we do that, count five, there's 10 extra pitches. I thought he was dynamite.

He pitched his rear end off tonight. Really well. Our entire staff that went in there tonight pitched really well.

Q. Is your defense a concern because of this, one access infielder and the fact that you're playing

BOBBY COX: A little bit. Troy Glaus can play third and Hinske can play third and first. And we have to watch what we do with Hernandez during the course of a game.

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