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11/15/07 4:02 PM ET

Wren chats Hot Stove online with fans

New GM answers questions about Glavine, dispells rumors

New Braves general manager Frank Wren talked about the strong interest on both sides to bring Tom Glavine back to Atlanta during a Web chat Thursday, and dispelled a few Hot Stove rumors. He discussed the Braves' situation at center field and the top prospects he saw play during a recent trip to Arizona.

Frank Wren: Hello everybody, I look forward to chatting with you today. So let's get started.

easygoinlar: Very happy about your promotion, good luck. Just do not forget about the fans that live and die with each game.

Wren: That is the biggest responsibility you feel in this job ... the obligation you feel to the fans to put a good team on the field.

bigwilks23: Can you give us any indication as to who you are looking to add as our center fielder?

Wren: As I have indicated, we want more of a short-term fix so that we don't block our young center fielders in the system. We have several we are working on.

braves5795: Honestly, are you interested in getting Tom Glavine back on the team?

Wren: We are interested. He would clearly make our rotation deeper and obviously better.

charmer: Congratulations on your promotion and staying with the Atlanta Braves. Are there any truths to the rumor of the Braves acquiring Mike Lowell, and if there is, would Chipper Jones move to the outfield or would he be traded?

Wren: Nothing to it at all!

tjwashga: How interested are the Braves in re-signing Octavio Dotel and/or Ron Mahay?

Wren: We have expressed interest in Mahay. Dotel has indicated he wants a multi-year contract, which we would be less likely to do.

henryrod: Should I renew my season tickets next year? Are the Braves going to be a better, more exciting ballclub?

Wren: From my perspective, we will be a very exciting club. I think our pitching will be much better and our young position players will be coming of age as run producers. Can't wait for Spring Training.

charmer: Were you involved with the meeting/talks in Arizona with Glavine's agent? If so, any insider information on Mr. Clifton's response?

Wren: I met with Gregg Clifton yesterday and there is very strong interest from both sides to try to work something out.

Thanatos: What type of relationships do you have with other GMs? Are there any that you get along better with than others?

Wren: I knew every GM, with the exception of Tony Regans with the Angels, prior to the GM Meetings and have a good relationship with most, if not all.

charmer: How do you feel about our bullpen right now? Do we need to acquire another lefty with Mahay a free agent, or will Royce Ring be that guy for us in 2008?

Wren: We are trying to acquire another left-handed reliever and feel Ring can be a solid guy in our 'pen as well.

qooraf91: Are we going to get any pitchers other than Glavine?

Wren: If we are able to sign Tom, we would have eight starting pitchers for five spots and would look to improve other areas of our club.

chip4prez: Who impressed you and Bobby Cox most in Arizona? Any surprises?

Wren: Charlie Morton threw extremely well with his five inning no-no, and Jordan Schafer played very well in center field. Brandon Hicks at shortstop and J.C. Holt at second base both played well. It was a good trip overall.

desbrules: What are the possibilities of the Braves getting anyone from the Astros, and who would they give up?

Wren: You better ask my buddy Ed Wade that question.

brvsnut: Can you put the rumors to rest -- is getting Ken Griffey Jr. really a possibility?

Wren: I don't think so.

bryant123: How long have you been in baseball?

Wren: Thirty-one years -- six as a player, four as a coach and 21 in the front office.

gsu22: What is the organization hoping for out of Mike Hampton next year?

Wren: We hope he can return to form. After watching him this week, it looks like he is heading in the right direction.

wilson9: How does our Minor League pitching staff look?

Wren: I am very excited about our young pitching prospects. We have close to a dozen guys who throw in the mid-to-high 90s that look like they can make an impact in the next four or five years.

bravebrave: Where is Jason Heyward playing position-wise? In the outfield or first base? Can you predict where he'll end up?

Wren: For now, he is in right field. And watching him in the fall instructional league, he is a great athlete and he gets very good jumps ... very, very talented!

stlfan1966: Are you going to work out an extension with Chipper Jones?

Wren: We have Chipper for a couple more years and we hope he finishes his career here.

cafleming: What other construction are the Braves doing this year for Turner Field?

Wren: We are adding field-level seating behind home plate (44 feet from the batter). The Dugout Club will have its own private dining room, currently under construction beneath the stadium.

charmer: Any potential trades on the table involving Kelly Johnson and allowing Martin Prado a chance at second base? Any thought about moving Kelly back to the outfield to fill in the void of Andruw Jones leaving?

Wren: We are fortunate to have quality young players like these two, but we like Kelly at second and think he can be one of the best all-around players at that position.

tjwashga: What is Scott Thorman's future with the Braves?

Wren: Scott is playing in Mexico and having a pretty good season so far. He is third in home runs with eight. We think he has a bright future.

gomabman: The Braves are in dire need of speed. Will you please pursue a Torii Hunter-type to fill Andruw Jones' spot in center field?

Wren: We have acquired one of the fastest players in baseball in Gorkys Hernandez and we have quite a bit of speed coming up in our other young center fielders. That is one of the tools we are looking for in our center-field job.

tjwashga: Have you had any discussions with Mark Teixeira on a long-term deal?

Wren: I have not, but I had a great conversation the night I was named GM and look forward to having him in the middle of the order for this next year and hopefully many more.

ttiger04: Are you going to look for more bench depth?

Wren: We are trying to give Bobby more options for late-innning moves for sure. Those players are harder to get than you might think.

tjwashga: Will Matt Diaz get an opportunity to be the everyday left fielder?

Wren: He has been outstanding the last two years in the role Bobby has used him. I'll just leave it at that and let the manager decide what's best for the team.

Wren: Got a couple things we are working on that could happen soon and need to get back to the phones. Thanks for joining this chat and we'll do it again soon.

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