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10/09/05 7:26 PM ET

Bobby Cox postgame interview

Manager discusses season-ending loss to Astros

Ruled off the bag and (inaudible)?

BOBBY COX: I don't know. Our guys thought they were out, but they didn't say anything at the time. You know, they were real bangers. I don't know what the television showed, but it would have helped to get an out both places, that's for sure.


COX: Well, that's typical, these little short boxes. Same one with Burke. It's there for everybody. It's there for our guys, too. We just couldn't -- we left I don't know how many guys on base today, a ton.

Hudson did a super job, you know, seven plus a little bit. He couldn't have pitched better. I thought he was right on top of his game.

Have you ever been involved in a game like this?

COX: Not in the playoffs, I don't think, no. We still had some players left, not many. We had Johnny (Estrada) still on the bench for the next inning, and, you know, you have to tip your hat to Roger Clemens really. He came in throwing the way he did. He did on a couple days' rest, he did a remarkable job.

When you're hit with a grand slam and home run in the ninth, how hard is it to get the momentum back on your side?

COX: Well, you know, we had the lead, then it got tight, of course. But with two outs, nobody on, you feel like you're going to win the ballgame.

Kyle (Farnsworth) just came up, got a fastball right down the middle on a 2-0 count. I didn't think Ausmus hit it that far when he first hit it, but he did. He hit it a long ways.

It was close to being at the yellow line. Did it hit off the bricks there?

COX: No, I wasn't sure it hit over them. Yeah, six inches or so. About what like Andruw's ball was down the line was.

Did you feel you had an advantage because you had more of your regular lineup as the game progressed and Garner used most of his guys?

COX: Well, maybe but we still got to get the hits. We didn't get them. We just did not get the hits.

You've been a part of at least 3,000 big league games in your life. How many have you seen, win or lose, quite like that as far as being remarkable, whatever you want to call it?

COX: Well, it was remarkable. The entire ballgame, really. You know, we had plenty of runs to work with when Kyle came in. He was the guy with all the rest and, you know, was going two innings today. Could have started the eighth, and I thought Huddie was still okay. You know, walked Ausmus, got the infield hit. Farnsy was ready to go. So it's just unfortunate, he got a ball over the plate on Berkman, and, you know, he lost it (inaudible).

I haven't been in too many games exactly like this one.

When you replaced LaRoche with Franco, did LaRoche get hurt sliding into home?

COX: No, LaRoche was sick all day long. He was vomiting the entire game. His legs gave out going home, he played another inning. He couldn't go any more.

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