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10/08/05 7:18 PM ET

Andruw Jones pregame interview

Center fielder discusses teammates, Astros pitching

What were you thinking the other night when (Brian) McCann came to the plate, and what are your thoughts today as he's back in the starting lineup?

ANDRUW JONES: Well, I think he had a good at-bat against Roger Clemens. That specific inning right there, Roger Clemens was throwing a couple good pitches. He didn't chase him. You know, I think Roger was ahead and he just threw a fastball right down the middle.

Today, you know, Oswalt is a good pitcher. He's going to go right after everybody. He's going to use all his pitches, use his curveball, slider, change. He's going to pitch against us the way he pitched all year. He's been successful against us. He's just going to go right at us.

Both teams go through several ups and downs. Can you reflect on what it's been like to be a part of the team that always wins this division, and whether that's been part of your thinking and deciding to stay in Atlanta when clearly you've had chances to go elsewhere.

JONES: Well, I think just a good organization, period. You know, this team, you know, has been -- in '96, our goal was just to win the division title and get back into the playoffs and hopefully get to the World Series.

You know, in camp, our goal is not to play 500 games, our goal is to go out there and win division titles and, you know, get into playoffs and hopefully get into World Series. You know, that comes from the front office, you know, to Bobby Cox, and the whole team.

What do you expect from McCann tonight?

JONES: Well, I hope he does the same thing that he did, you know, the day before that. You know, we're facing a good pitching staff. You know, I said before, you know, before we started the series, we got a good pitching staff, too. But, you know, hopefully, you know, they make the first mistakes and we take advantage of it. I think the way Roger Clemens pitched against us, he made more mistakes than John Smoltz did and that's why we took advantage of it.

So hopefully today (Jorge) Sosa will come out there and do what he was doing for us the whole year. I mean, he was the key of the success of the way we been playing. Every time when we needed wins, he was the guy that was going out there and give us a good seven solid innings, give us a good win.

Hopefully, he don't make that many mistakes and hopefully Oswalt makes mistakes.

You said before Game 1 that after the success you had against their pitching staff last year you thought they might approach you differently in the way they've pitched to you. Obviously, you've already had some success. Have they changed what they're doing with you or are they doing what you've seen them do in the past?

JONES: Well, like I said, I mean, these guys are future Hall of Famers. You know, experienced pitchers. They're not going to change the way they've been pitching you for -- I think I've had over 20 at-bats against all of them. They're not going to change. The way they get me out, that's the way they're going to try to get me out. I just have to make adjustments and hopefully be patient and when they make mistakes hopefully take advantage of it.

What has it been like for you this year with all these rookies around?

JONES: It's fun. For me, they're not rookie no more. They been almost half a season in them. The season's over. This is playoffs. We're a team. We don't look at them as rookies no more. We look at them as going out there, get the job done and help us win.

Do they remind you of you at all when you in the playoffs in '96?

JONES: Well, I didn't have that many opportunities that they had in the playoffs. I only played in the World Series because we was facing the Yankees and they had a lot of lefties.

Before that, I had maybe six at-bats in the division and the national division championship.

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