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10/08/05 7:05 PM ET

Bobby Cox pregame interview

Braves manager answers questions regarding lineup

Can you describe the factors in your Game 4 decision about the starter.

BOBBY COX: There's a lot of factors, and I don't care to describe them right now.

We're going to talk after the game tonight with our pitching. Tim Hudson could very well start tomorrow. He had seven days off to his prior start, and he went less than six innings, less than 100 pitches. So he wants to pitch it, and I'm still debating right now.

With so many rookies on your team this year, I'm wondering which of the veterans have taken on a mentoring role.

COX: Several of them, actually. John Smoltz, for one. Eddie Perez is a guy that you know has been injured almost the entire year. Eddie's great with young kids and great with veterans also. He's a big factor on our team, actually, even though he's not playing.

And of course Chipper and Andruw have contributed in that area. I think they have shown them the ropes and helped them a lot.

What impresses you most about Backe?

COX: About Backe? You know, we faced him last year in the playoffs and he threw a great game against us. I've seen him pitch on video. He's got good stuff, I think. He's a good fielder, he's a good hitter, and he's certainly, for me, better than a fifth starter.

Could you just talk about getting (Brian) McCann back in there today. Will you continue to go with the hot guy, or do you think he'll be in there regularly?

COX: Well, we'll see what happens. Mac was swinging before the playoffs started, he started hitting the ball awfully hard.

You know, he hit the big home run the other night, why not go with him? Johnny's (Estrada) still not 100%, although he's feeling better. Mac's swinging the hot bat, so we'll go with him.

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