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10/10/05 4:06 PM ET

Sosa workout day interview

Pitcher talks about making first postseason start

When (Mike) Hampton got hurt, (John) Thompson, you went into the rotation. What was your approach to that role, and are you kind of surprised at the success you've had?

JORGE SOSA: My arm was hurting me and I did the best that I could with the situation. I was just thankful to God that I was able to deal with the situation.

Tomorrow will be your first postseason start, Jorge. What is your emotion right now? Are you anxious? Are you nervous? What will your mindset be tomorrow?

SOSA: I don't feel nervous or anxious because I had a normal game like any other. I just have a lot of pressure on myself. It's my first time. I just ask God tomorrow to pitch a game like I've always done.

You're 9-0 on the road this year. Why this success?

SOSA: I was concentrating on the road - pitching good. At home I was trying to do the same as pitching on the road. I was trying to pitch on the road the way my pitching coach was telling me. Trying to pitch the way I had to.

Is there any advantage to the Astros not knowing you, not knowing your tendencies?

SOSA: It's not so much that they have an advantage. Maybe we have an advantage or I have an advantage because they haven't seen me pitch. That doesn't signify that they'll win because I am going to lose. Tomorrow I am going to pitch and do what I have to do.

How big is this start for you tomorrow, in your hometown? How many friends and family will be watching, and what is the excitement you are hearing from back home?

SOSA: I have a lot of family that's going to watch. I know that they're going to be watching me play tomorrow.

I'm just going to play tomorrow the best that I can. I have a lot of pressure on myself, but I'm going to do the best I can and I'm going to dedicate the game tomorrow to my family and my daughters.

And what are your daughter's names and ages?

SOSA: Zanica and Brittany, six and five.

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