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03/29/05 3:53 PM ET

Brian Jordan chats with fans online

Braves outfielder Brian Jordan is back for his second stint in the Atlanta organization. The veteran talked about his health, being back in Atlanta and the 2005 season during an online chat with fans from Spring Training in Winter Haven, Fla.

Brian Jordan: Thanks everybody for showing up for this chat. I'm looking forward to talking to you and then getting ready for tonight's game.

ndsubison1: Where do you look to be in the lineup and what do you think of your chances of getting back to the playoffs, providing everyone staying healthy?

Jordan: I'd say I'll bat fifth or sixth and I think we've got a great chance to get back to the playoffs, providing everybody stays healthy.

choppinmama: Welcome back, No. 33. How do you think the Falcons are looking for the 2005 season? Do we have all the positions covered to make the playoffs again this year?

Jordan: I think the Falcons are definitely going to be back in the playoffs if they get a No. 1 quality receiver.

sweet13braves: What team did you root for when you were younger?

Jordan: The Baltimore Orioles. That was the hometown team.

clearwall: I believe every question today will center around your knee and your recent struggles. I want to ask, what makes you confident that you can come back to the form you had during your first time with Atlanta?

Jordan: Just all the hard work in the offseason. The knee feels very strong. So I feel like I can return to form.

sweet13braves: What made you choose baseball instead of football?

Jordan: Longevity. You can definitely play baseball longer than football.

clearwall: It's been documented that you were very upset after being let go by John Schuerholz in 2002. Is there any animosity still there? Frustration?

Jordan: No. There isn't any animosity. We have a good understanding.

clearwall: Do you see yourself as another leader of this ballclub since you have been in the "Cox System" before and know what to expect?

Jordan: Yes, nothing will change. I will plan to be a leader.

bobbycolton: How do you feel about being back in the Braves organization? I know when you got traded to the Dodgers you were a bit upset with the Braves? What led you back to Atlanta?

Jordan: I feel great about being back with the organization and I look forward to having a great season.

jordanb881: How does the Braves Spring Training camp compare to those of the Dodgers, Cardinals, and Rangers?

Jordan: There is no comparison. Being in Disney World, you can't beat it. Everything about Braves camp is better.

1chipper0: Brian, we are all very happy that you are finally back in a Braves uniform. What do you expect from the team this year?

Jordan: A world championship, as long as everybody stays healthy.

1chipper0: Happy Birthday, Brian!! What is your birthday wish?

Jordan: To get a World Series ring.

Ryan_DeAntonio: Brian, great to see you back in a Braves uniform! Why do so many players love playing for Bobby Cox? What is so different about his style?

Jordan: Bobby Cox is a very laid-back manager. He gets respect because he was a former Major League player and he understands what players go through.

Ryan_DeAntonio: What similarities do you see in this team that made it to the playoffs in previous years? What is different that could make this year's team go all the way?

Jordan: The big difference this year is that we'll hopefully have three power pitchers going into the playoffs. The Braves didn't have that in the past.

tenaciousdinme: Hey Brian! Glad to have you back! What did you miss most while with LA and Texas, and how is it to be back?

Jordan: Just being home with the family is what I missed most in LA and Texas. It's good to be home with the kids.

wc216: What is your biggest goal this year?

Jordan: Win the World Championship.

wc216: Do you feel you will stay with Atlanta after this year?

Jordan: I hope so.

wc216: How is your knee feeling?

Jordan: The knee is feeling good.

1chipper0: Brian, you are currently signed for only one year. What are your plans when that contract runs out?

Jordan: The plan is to have a good year so that I can sign another contract with the Braves.

Base_Ball: How comfortable are you in the field? Do you hope that you can break away from playing a "platoon" role and be the everyday left fielder for the Braves?

Jordan: I feel great in the field and hopefully I'll earn the left-field job on a daily basis.

Base_Ball_2: Have you trained differently or tried anything different to prepare you for this season?

Jordan: I worked hard on my leg strength this offseason and dropped a couple of pounds.

mlb_com_member_2: What is the mood of the team this year and what expectations do you as an individual have for yourself this year?

Jordan: The mood is great. Guys are looking forward to having a great year. My goal is to stay healthy and help this team win.

mlb_com_member_2: Being a veteran player, who has impressed you most this year on the team and who should we look at for being a key player, besides yourself or any other veteran of the team?

Jordan: I'm going to have to say Esix Snead. He seems to be the biggest surprise in camp.

mlb_com_member_2: How many more seasons would you like to play?

Jordan: Two to three more seasons.

mcgunzz: Brian, being an old Falcon and now back in Atlanta, do you ever catch any football games over at the Georgia Dome?

Jordan: I'm a season suite holder at the Falcons home games.

braves25cf: Who do you believe is your biggest competition in the NL East? Why?

Jordan: The Florida Marlins because of the improvements they made in the offseason with the pitching staff and position players.

Leah_Bond: Glad to have you back. Which pitcher do you enjoy hitting the most/least?

Jordan: There's not anybody I like hitting the most. My least favorite is Pedro Martinez.

alohabravesfan: I am so excited that you are back with the Braves. Was it strange playing against them when you were with the Dodgers?

Jordan: Yes, it was very strange playing against my hometown team.

braveschick: Thanks for all you do in the Atlanta community. What are your plans for working in the community this year?

Jordan: My plans are to be a big part of youth programs in the community this season and through my foundation, giving kids an opportunity to earn a scholarship to college.

1chipper0: Brian, there have been many changes throughout the NL East this past offseason. Do you think you guys still have the upper hand?

Jordan: I'm going to say yes. I believe we do still have the upper hand because of the talented pitching staff John Schuerholz assembled.

Jordan: Thanks for coming to chat today. I just got a call from the field and need to get down there to stretch for batting practice.

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