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All-Star Game 2013

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Q: How many volunteers are needed?
Approximately 2,000 volunteers are needed to represent New York by welcoming our guests from around the world and assisting in the smooth operation of all the events.


Q: What types of volunteer opportunities are there?
Volunteer opportunities range from Major League Baseball All-Star FanFest, hospitality, event logistics, community events and transportation.


Q: What is the volunteer registration process?
Once you have completed a satisfactory background check, you will be invited by email to create a profile and to attend a volunteer information session in late May/early June. If selected, you will then be notified of your acceptance and sent a link to sign up for the specific dates and times you can work during All-Star Summer. This information will then be processed and you will receive your confirmed work schedule and orientation information.


Q: Can I volunteer for both MLB All-Star FanFest and other MLB events?
If you select All-Star FanFest you can only select volunteer jobs within FanFest.  If you select a non- FanFest position, you may also work different events.


Q: Are there any requirements to volunteer?
Yes. All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older by June 30, 2013, must sign a release of liability and eligibility form and must pass a background check to the satisfaction of MLB. A valid driver's license or state identification may be used as proof of age. Volunteer opportunities will be provided on an equal opportunity basis without regard to age, sex, race, religion or disability.


Q: When will I know if I have been selected to be a volunteer?
After a satisfactory completion of your background check, you will be invited to attend the volunteer information session in late May/early June. All selected volunteers will be notified of their acceptance following the information session and sent a link to sign up for the specific dates and times they can work.


Q: What type of training is provided to a volunteer?
All selected volunteers will be required to attend at least one orientation session pertaining to the event(s) for which they are assigned. Most training sessions will take place in the morning and/or evening during the week in early July. If you are selected, orientation information will be sent to you.


Q: What if a volunteer cannot attend the orientation event?
If you are selected, attendance to orientation is required in order to volunteer. If you cannot attend orientation, you will not be able to volunteer.


Q: What if a volunteer cannot attend their assigned event?
If, after you attend orientation, you cannot attend your assigned event, you will need to let us know so we can reschedule your assignment.


Q: Does Major League Baseball provide parking and transportation to shifts I volunteer to work?
No.  Volunteers are responsible for their own parking and/or transportation.  We do suggest that you take mass transit to events you are scheduled to work.


Q: Can you be a volunteer if you do not live in New York?
Yes, while the intent of the volunteer program is to build local excitement and involvement for the All-Star Summer experience, we also want baseball fans from all over to have the chance to volunteer. We encourage both local residents as well as individuals from out of town to enter the volunteer pool.


Q: Are there any volunteer positions at Citi Field?
Volunteers will not be assigned to work the Home Run Derby or All-Star Game.  However, there are positions available to help prepare for these events prior to the event dates.


Q: If I volunteer, is there a chance that I will get All-Star Game tickets?
Two (2) winners will be selected to each receive a pair of All-Star Game tickets; one (1) winner will be selected from All-Star FanFest and one (1) winner will be selected from All-Star Summer. To be eligible, you will be required to work at least three shifts. Volunteers also have the opportunity to experience All-Star Week by attending All-Star FanFest, as your volunteer credential allows you access to the event at times you are not required to work.


Q: Do volunteers receive uniforms?
Volunteers will be provided with a shirt, cap, cinch drawstring backpack and lanyard. Volunteers can wear sneakers during working hours and khaki shorts or pants.


Q: How many days are volunteers required to work?
Volunteers will be asked to work three shifts/days. Volunteer shifts are determined by your availability for specific days.


Q: Will volunteers have an area to store personal belongings?
There will not be a secure location to store belongings. Volunteers will be provided a cinch drawstring backpack where they should keep all of their personal belongings.