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A List Member of the Month

Every season, the Braves recognize A List Members for their loyalty and support. The Braves would like to congratulate the June A List Member, Donna McCarthy.

A List Member of the Month


A List Member since 2013

Favorite Current Brave:  Freddie Freeman

Favorite All-Time Brave:  Chipper Jones

Favorite Turner Field Food:  Mayfield Ice Cream

Favorite Braves Memory:  Surprising my son (when he was 5 yrs old) with an afternoon game. He was so excited! Our seats were in the outfield, so it was a bit hot. One of his many treats was an ice cream bar. When I looked to see how he was doing with his ice cream, he was covered in chocolate! I don't think I can truly explain how he looked, except that everyone around us certainty got a chuckle as we walked out to clean him up. His two favorite Braves at the time were Chipper Jones and Andrew Jones and he knew baseball! He still enjoys going to the Braves game at 22! We have great family memories cheering on our Braves.

Best part of being a Braves A List Member:  The ticket exchange is pretty awesome. Best laid plans don't always work out, so it's nice to be able to move tickets to other games when needed.