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2016 Relocation and Upgrade Opportunities

Turner Field

Select-A-Seat offers the opportunity to upgrade, relocate, and add to your current seating location(s). This year, the Braves are allowing you to participate in this event and browse available inventory from the comfort of your own home. Appointment times will take place based on seating location, and you can visit the website any time from your appointment time through Friday, December 11th at 2pm.

If you do not find a location that is more desirable, you are guaranteed the seats that you have already purchased.

A List Members will have the opportunity to relocate or upgrade their seats easier than ever from the comfort of their own home! Online relocations will take place from Tuesday, December 8th through Friday, December 11th at 2pm.

Please refer to the Select-A-Seat email for your scheduled appointment time.

How it Works

Below is some important information about the online process:

  • Select-A-Seat You will access the online Select-A-Seat by logging in to your Braves Account Manager at and selecting "Upgrade Seats" from your homepage.
  • Appointment times are assigned based on seating area. You will not be able to access the online program until your scheduled time.
  • Your relocation window will remain open from your scheduled appointment time until 2:00PM on Friday, December 11th. Inventory will continuously change, so make sure to check the system more than once!
  • You are NOT required to RSVP for this event.
  • If you are choosing to move to a higher priced location or taking advantage of special ticket features*, please be prepared to pay with your credit card online. If you would like to add seats without moving your current location, please reach out to your membership services representative directly.
  • If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact your membership services representative with questions.

*Special ticket features include 755 Club Membership, Added Value, and Parking.