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Referral Program Rewards

Does having an A-List Membership or a Group and Hospitality package make you the envy of your family and friends? If so, have them join you and you can earn some great perks. Our Referral Rewards program is designed to reward you for each time you refer a new A-List Member or a new Group/Hospitality purchaser. Each prize option is associated to a certain color and price point. Determine which prize option you'd like to earn and refer your friends and family who will help you reach your mark!

A-List Referral Rewards

Bronze Referral


2 additional Memories Points

Silver Referral


2 additional Memories Points


2 Stadium Tour passes for a day of your choosing**

Gold Referral


4 additional Memories Points


2 Batting Practice Experience Tickets for a game of your choosing**

Platinum Referral


8 additional Memories Points


2 Delta SKY360° Seats**

$10,000 in overall referrals earns you 2 VIP Experience Packages (complete with Batting Practice Experience tickets, Stadium Tour, VIP Gift Bags, and more). Learn more at**

Please Note: Delta SKY360° Seats, Batting Practice Experience Tickets, and Stadium Tour Passes are all subject to availability.

Braves Memories Program

Choose the benefits that mean the most to you!


  • Honorary Team Captain
  • Announce Play Ball
  • Kids Fan Pack Seat Deliveries


  • Full Size Replica Baseball Bats
  • Full Size Replica Batting Helmets
  • Authentic MLB Baseball


  • Bobbleheads
  • A-List Member Notebook
  • Braves Tumblers

Visit to see all you can use your Braves Memories Points for.