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Ticket Exchange Policies

2016 exchanges are not eligible until March 2016. More details will be communicated via your A List Member email newsletter.

As an Atlanta Braves A List Member, one of your most valuable benefits is the ability to exchange game tickets and parking if your personal schedule changes. Ticket exchanges must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the game you are exchanging out of on the schedule.

Please note if you are submitting an exchange via email from your Membership Services Representative for Saturday and Sunday games, your request must be received before 4pm on Friday to ensure that we receive your submission. For any exchange request made via email, please allow 24 hours for exchanges to be processed.

2015 Ticket Exchange Procedures

If you have received your tickets via forward from the A List member of record, please select the "Additional Ticket Exchange Options" tab.

Exchanges can easily be completed through your Braves online account manager.

  • Game tickets and parking passes can be exchanged
  • Your exchange must be for the same number of tickets (for example, if you are turning in 4 tickets you must choose 4 tickets to replace them)
  • You will have access to seating areas that are offered for your plan
  • If you exchange for tickets that have a higher value*, you will be required to provide payment at the time of the exchange
  • If you exchange for tickets that have a lower value*, you will receive a credit in your Braves account which must be used by the end of the 2015 regular season
  • Your new tickets will have the A List Member 33% concessions discount
  • If you have a 755 Club Membership, your new tickets will have club access
  • If you have $10 Added Value on your tickets, you will have Added Value on the new tickets (the seats must be in the same section)
  • Assign new tickets to your smartphone for digital entry or print the tickets from home
  • Online exchanges will be available until 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of each game
  • Once you receive a confirmation email for your exchange, please destroy the original tickets so that they are not accidentally distributed. These are no longer valid tickets

*The value of the new tickets may be higher or lower due to a change in the game tier (Marquee, Premier, etc) and/or seating area.


Never leave your tickets at home with mobile delivery! Another helpful tool coming in your Atlanta Braves account manager will be mobile ticket delivery for Android and iOS iPhone users. A List Members will be able to assign their ticket barcodes directly to their smartphones for entry to the gates of Turner Field.

Exchanges can easily be completed through your Braves online account manager. Exchanging tickets online is the quickest method for exchanges to be processed.

Exchange Options

  1. Bring your paper tickets by the Ticket Office Windows.
    • Box Office Hours on days when the Braves do not have a home game
      • Monday through Friday from 9:30am-5pm
      • Saturday from 9:30am-2:30pm
      • Closed on Sunday
    • Box Office Hours when the Braves have a home game
      • Monday through Sunday from 9:30am until the end of the 6th inning
  2. Bring your tickets to the A List Member Clubhouse (ALC) at Turner Field on a game day.
    • The ALC is open from 2 and a half hours prior to first pitch until the end of the 6th inning.
  3. Mail your tickets to your Membership Services Representative
    • Atlanta Braves
      Attn: Your Membership Services Representative
      755 Hank Aaron Dr
      Atlanta, GA 30315
    • Please include a note with detailed instructions on your exchange.
  4. Please note that not all game dates are the same value and an extra charge may apply due to the Braves variable pricing schedule.

When you are ready to submit your exchange request, please send an email to your representative with the following information. Please note only the account holder of record can request exchanges via email.

  1. Your Braves' A List Member Account Number
  2. The game date(s), parking pass(es), and seat location(s) that are being turned in.
  3. The desired new game date(s), number of tickets/parking needed, and preferred seating area.
  4. Payment instructions if applicable (please remember that we have variable pricing and not all game dates have the same value. If there is a balance due, we need to know how to process payment. If there is credit left over, this will remain on your account for future use until the end of the calendar month).

*Your Membership Service representative will confirm when the exchange is complete. The new tickets will appear in your account manager in addition to the games in your season ticket plan.

Please note that exchanges for FanPass and paper ticket accounts can also be completed at any home game in the A List Member Clubhouse (ALC) at Turner Field. The ALC, located across from aisle 128, is open during every home game, from 2 and a half hours prior to first pitch until the end of the 6th inning.