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Thank you for planning your group outing at Turner Field this season! Below you will find our group and suite ticket policies, but if you have additional questions, please reach out to your personal Account Executive for further assistance. If you don't reach your Account Executive right away, please leave a message and he or she will reach out to you in a timely manner.

Group Ticket Purchases

  • Group discounts start at 20 or more tickets. 
  • Unfortunately, we do not accept deposits to reserve seats, or pull seats without full payment. 
  • Ticket orders are filled based on availability, so ticket locations are not guaranteed until your order is finalized. Group tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. 
  • Your Account Executive will pull the best available seating location at the time of purchase.  Let your Account Executive know if you have a preferred seating location, and they can check that seating area first.
  • There are no refunds on group tickets, but we do allow ticket exchanges if completed 3 business days before your game date (Please see Ticket Exchanges information below). 
  • We suggest all group orders be finalized at least two weeks before the game. 
  • Groups of 20-75 will receive their tickets and/or parking permits digitally. They will be available in your online Braves account and you will have the option to print them from home or forward them via email to your attendees. If you prefer paper tickets, there is a $2 fee per ticket. Groups of 76 or more will have the option to access their tickets digitally or have them delivered via UPS. Tickets cannot be sent to a P.O. Box.

Additional Tickets

  • After a group ticket order is finalized, additional tickets may be purchased at the group discounted price, but are subject to availability and may not be with the original group.  Your Account Executive will pull the additional tickets as close to the original group as possible.
  • Additional tickets finalized within a week of your game date will be available via your online Braves account.
  • There are no group discounts on the day of the game.  Additional tickets, at the gate price, can be purchased through your Account Executive up until 4 p.m. on the day of the game, after 4 p.m. additional tickets will need to be purchased at the Turner Field ticket windows.

Group Payment          

  • Group and suite orders can be finalized with a check or credit card.  We cannot accept personal checks or EFT (electronic fund transfer). 
  • Checks should be made out to the Atlanta Braves and sent to the attention of your Account Executive to Turner Field, 755 Hank Aaron Dr, Atlanta, GA 30315. 
  • We ask that the group purchase be finalized with one transaction/form of payment.  We cannot take individual orders.

Handling Fees

  • There is a $6 handling fee per transaction, including all additional ticket orders.  If you're adding tickets to an original order, we suggest you finalize the additional tickets as one transaction, as opposed to adding tickets numerous times, which will cost $6 per transaction.

Ticket Exchanges

  • Group tickets can be exchanged for the ticket value to another 2016 regular season home game, as long as the original tickets are turned into your Account Executive at least 3 business days before your original game date. 
  • Suite tickets need to be exchanged at least 5 business days before your game date. 
  • To complete the exchange, please let your Account Executive know the game you'd like the tickets exchanged for when you return the original tickets. 
  • The new tickets will be available via your online Braves account.
  • Unfortunately, unused group tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Lost/Stolen Tickets

  • If your group tickets are lost or stolen, contact your Account Executive, and he/she will send you a Lost Ticket Request form. 
  • You will need to know the exact seat locations you are missing in order for the tickets to be re-printed at no-charge. 
  • Once the completed form is turned into your Account Executive, the lost/stolen ticket(s) will be available via your online Braves account.
  • If you do not know the exact seating locations, we cannot re-print the tickets because it will void someone else's tickets with your group.  
  • Only the group leader can request lost/stolen ticket(s) to be re-printed.

Game Day Ticket Issues

  • For all day of game ticket issues, please visit the 755 Club Lobby located adjacent to the Will Call windows through the glass doors.  Please have your account number (located on your game ticket) ready when you enter the lobby.


  • Group tickets purchased with Added Value will include the stated amount of credit built into the barcode of the ticket, which can be used for concessions or for retail at the store in the Main Plaza. 
  • The Added Value is only good for the game date listed on the ticket. 
  • You can include Added Value on tickets in any area of the ballpark in increments of $5, but it must be added at the time of purchase in order for us to print your ticket with the value built into the barcode.


  • Discounted parking permits are available in advance.
  • We encourage groups to purchase advanced parking at the same time you finalize your game tickets.
  • Advanced parking is based on availability and comes on a first come, first served basis.
  • All vehicles that are 15 passenger or larger will need to park in the Grey Lot, which is our only oversized vehicle parking lot.
  • Public Transit Options and Driving Directions can be found at

755 Club

  • We do not have 755 Club passes, but group tickets purchased in the Club View seating area do include 755 Club access. 
  • Only 755 Club members are able to make dinner reservations in the 755 Club. 
  • Added Value is accepted at the sports bars in the 755 Club, but not eligible to be used on a sit down meal.

LED Board Messaging

  • All of our groups receive group recognition on the Strike Out LED Board (under the Gas South sign), which runs around the 2nd or 3rd inning in alphabetical order.
  • Please turn in your group name to your Account Executive at least a week before the game date. 
  • No logos or personal messages can accompany your group name, but we do have an In-Game Messaging Program available through our Community Affairs Department.  More information can be found via our website at

Ticket Distribution

  • We highly encourage you to distribute the game tickets to your attendees in advance. We cannot set up a table or booth for on-site distribution of tickets/name badges.

Will Call

  • Group and suite tickets left at Will Call will be held under one person's name, and that person will need a picture ID to pick up their tickets.  Unfortunately, we cannot leave tickets under a company name or with a guest list. Groups can leave tickets for up to two people at Will Call free of charge, but every drop off after that will be a $3 service fee per drop off.
  • If you are dropping off tickets at Will Call, the tickets need to be left in a specific envelope provided at the Will Call windows.  The Will Call envelope will need to be completely filled out, and your guest(s) picking up the tickets will need a picture ID that matches the name on the Will Call envelope. 
  • Will Call opens 2 ½ hours before the game. 

Online Braves Account (Print at Home)

  • Every group and suite customer will automatically have an online Braves account. 
  • Groups of 20-75 will automatically receive their tickets and/or parking permits digitally in their online Braves account where they can choose to print them from home or forward them via email to their attendees. If you prefer paper tickets, there is a $2 fee per ticket. Groups of 76 or more will have the option to access their tickets digitally or have them delivered via UPS.
  • To access your Online Braves Account, visit and log in under I have an account. You'll log in using your Braves account number or e-mail address. Click Forgot Password, and you can re-set your log in information. Once logged into your Online Braves Account, you can print or forward your game tickets and parking
  • Once you forward someone a ticket via your Online Braves Account, that forwarded ticket is the valid ticket for entry.  If you try to re-forward or copy tickets that you have already forwarded, the original forwarded ticket will become invalid and will not be allowed entry into the ballpark.
  • Mobile entry is also available through your online account.  You can access your online account on your smartphone and select mobile as your delivery method.  Your ticket barcodes will appear on your phone which will be scanned upon entry.  If using an iphone, the tickets can be stored in your passbook for easier retrieval at the gate.  Mobile entry can also be used for your group members when you forward them tickets.

Patios & Suites

  • No food or beverage from outside of Turner Field may be brought into the pre-game patios or suites. All patio and suite catering must go through Delaware North, our on-site catering company.
  • Patio Catering can be reached at 404-614-2177 and Suite Catering can be reached at 404-614-2444.
  • Limited decorations are allowed in the patios and suites. 
    • Nothing can be placed outside of the patio/suite, and no items may be adhered to the walls or doors. 
    • Any signage in open-air patios needs to be facing internally and not visible to those outside of the patios, due to sponsorship policies. 
    • Table top decorations are allowed, as long as they follow stadium regulations.  Balloons are not allowed into the stadium. 
    • For a complete list of items allowed/not allowed inside Turner Field, please visit or contact your Account Executive. 
    • If you choose to decorate your suite/patio, you're responsible for the set-up and tear down of the reserved area.  You would also need to bring your decorating materials, including but not limited to zip ties, scissors, tape, etc.

  • If you are having something delivered to Turner Field to be placed in your patio or suite, please have it arrive at least 48 hours before your game date with the patio name/suite number and game date written on the outside of the box.  The delivery can be sent to the attention of your Account Executive at Turner Field, 755 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta, GA 30315.  Please give your Account Executive advance notice, and they will have the box(es) placed in your group area before gates open the day of the game. 
  • Patios, meeting rooms, and suites open two hours before first pitch, unless otherwise set up with your Account Executive.  If you arrive to the stadium for early entry without setting up a time with your Account Executive, we cannot guarantee someone will be available to walk you to your group area in advance. 

Meeting Rooms

  • If needed, the Atlanta Braves have one set of AV Equipment (screen/projector) that can be rented for your meeting for $200. If the equipment is already booked the day of your event, you are able to bring in your own equipment or reach out to Delaware North for other options.
  • The Braves do not provide meeting materials, including but not limited to, easels, extension cords, AV cords, podiums, writing utensils, etc.  Groups are responsible for providing these items for their memeting.

Pre-Game Incentives

  • These are subject to availability and based on your final ticket numbers. 
  • If you have a pre-game incentive reserved, but do not meet the ticket requirement, the incentive will be released. 
  • All of our pre-game incentives are subject to change and not guaranteed due to weather and/or other circumstances outside of our control.

Complimentary Tickets

  • We do not offer complimentary game tickets for bus drivers, chaperones, or tour guides. 
  • Everyone 3 years and older will need a paid ticket. 

Autographed Memorabilia

  • We are unable to provide game tickets or autographed memorabilia for raffles, auctions, etc. through the Ticket Sales Department.
  • To request a donated item for your non-profit with a 501c3, please visit

Intellectual Property (logos, trademarks, etc.)

  • Purchaser shall have no right to use Braves copyrights and/or trademarks (e.g. the Braves Script and Tomahawk; the Braves "A";  the Turner Field word mark or logo; and any other of the Braves' copyrights and trademarks as may be used from time to time). 
  • Purchaser shall not re-sell or attempt to re-sell any tickets issued to Purchaser by the Braves.  Resale or attempted resale of any ticket in a manner or at a price in violation of any federal, state or local law or regulation is grounds for seizure or cancellation without refund or other compensation and may result in a criminal sanction, fine or other penalty. 
  • Purchaser shall not offer or otherwise utilize or use any tickets issued to it for advertising, promotion (including sweepstakes or contests) or other trade or commercial purposes.

Rainout Policy

  • We don't have a set rainout policy because it varies depending on the game and other contributing factors.
  • If the game is cancelled due to inclement weather, the most important thing is to hold on to your tickets, and someone will contact you with your ticket options. 
  • There are no refunds.
  • Please continue to check for updated information if a game is postponed.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges for weather delays.  If a game reaches a full five innings, the game is considered official, and no weather policy will be implemented.

Thanks again for joining us at the ballpark this season!  Please don't hesitate to contact your Account Executive if you have additional questions or would like more clarification on some of the group policies.  We appreciate your support and hope you have a great experience at Turner Field!


How can I enhance my group experience?
There are many things that can be added to create a unique and memorable event for your group. If you would like to provide concession or retail credit for your guests, you can put Added Value on each ticket in $5 increments. Provide a souvenir for your attendees with one of our Chipper Jones jersey shirts for $10 each or 1984 replica Braves hats for only $5 through your group representative. Our VIP Batting Practice Experience is also specially discounted for our group customers.

Do you offer private spaces for groups to host an event before the game?
Yes, pre-game patios and meeting rooms can be rented for $200 for 2 hours before the game.

Can additional group tickets be purchased?
Yes, additional tickets can be purchased, but are subject to availability, and may not be with the original group.

What time can I access my suite or pre-game patio?
The Main Gates open two and a half hours before the game, and patios and suites open two hours prior to first pitch.

Where and when will my group name be displayed on the LED boards?
Group recognition will scroll on the Strike Out LED Board (under the Gas South sign) around the 2nd or 3rd inning in alphabetical order.

Can outside food and drinks be brought into the suites or patios?
While outside food and drinks are allowed in the seating bowl of Turner Field, they are not allowed in our pre-game patios or suites. For full details of what's allowed in Turner Field visit

At what age does a child require a ticket?
Children 2 and under are free. Once a child reaches their 3rd birthday they will require a ticket to enter Turner Field.

What do I do if I lost some of my group tickets?
If your tickets were lost, please contact your account executive before your game date to discuss your options to have them reprinted.

Can I wish someone Happy Birthday on the LED boards?
We welcome all groups on the LED Boards, but if you want to purchase a specific birthday message please visit for details.

Where can our bus drop and pick us up?
The Bus Drop Off Spot is at the East Gate, which is located just beyond the intersection of Ralph David Abernathy and Hank Aaron Drive. Due to the flow of traffic after the game, there is not a Bus Pick Up Spot. Fans will need to meet their bus in the Grey Lot. A courtesy cart can be provided for those who need assistance.

Where is the accessible parking lot at Turner Field?
All accessible car parking is located in the Green Lot. Large accessible vans are asked to park in the Grey Lot.

Is there a preferred transportation company of the Atlanta Braves?
Yes, Cooper-Global Chauffeured Transportation can provide passenger vans, mini-buses, coaches and executive coaches. For reservations and to inquire about their preferred group discount rates, please contact Cooper Atlanta at 866-723-5466 or via email at

Can I purchase parking in advance?
Vehicle parking can be purchased in advance through your group sales rep at a discounted rate.