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All-Star Student Achievers Program FAQ

Q: Once I have my form, how do I receive my All-Star Student Achiever tickets?
A: Students can receive their two (2) All-Star Student Achiever tickets and purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate by visiting Choose your game, seat location, and delivery method using the online system. If you do not have access to the internet, follow the directions on the printed form and mail it to the Atlanta Braves Ticket Office, P.O. Box 4064, Atlanta, GA 30302-4064.

Q: How do I receive an All-Star Student Achiever form?
A: All forms are distributed to students or families by the schoolÂ’s principal. If you are a principal/counselor or a homeschool parent in need of a form, please

Q: Can I fax in my form?
A: No. Orders received by fax will not be accepted.

Q: I have two children, how do I make sure the tickets are seated together at the same game?
A: If you register online, you can choose the seat location for all of your tickets. If you mail your forms, please make sure they are in the same envelope and the seats assigned together.

Q: I have two children and I want to attend two different games. How do I make sure I get different dates?
A: To guarantee this option, please redeem online. If you submit the forms by mail, please indicate on the form the two different game dates you would like to attend and every attempt will be made to fulfill your request.

Q: How can several families with children make sure they all sit together?
A: Mail all order forms at one time in one envelope to ensure everyone sits together. Each order will be mailed to the address on each order form, even if they arrive in the same envelope. One person cannot order tickets online for anyone that is not their student.

Q: Can my school make a group outing with the All Star Student Achiever forms?
A: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate group requests; the program provides students and their families opportunities to attend a Braves game.

Q: My friend cannot attend a Braves game. Can I use their form?
A: All-Star Student Achiever tickets are non-transferable and may only be utilized by the student who earned the tickets.

Q: Can I take the order form to Turner Field to be fulfilled?
A: No. All orders must be placed via or mailed in to the address provided on the form.

Q: Can my tickets be upgraded?
A: Upgrades are not available for this program. If you are interested in upgrading your seats, please contact Ticketmaster for single game tickets (800-745-3000).

Q: Where are the All-Star Student Achiever tickets located?
A: In the Upper Box (fourth level of seats) at Turner Field.

Q: I received two forms for my child from the school. How many tickets do I get?
A: Each child is only eligible for two free tickets.

Q: I need ADA seating. How do I make sure my seats are accessible?
A: Please contact the Atlanta Braves ADA Seating Department at An ADA representative will be happy to assist you.

Q: If I miss the game I received tickets for, can I attend another game?
A: No. Once your order is placed, you cannot select another game or transfer your tickets. In the event your game is not played, please check for instructions.

Q: How far in advance should I place my order?
A: Orders should be placed at least 2 weeks in advance. All tickets in the program are on a first come, first serve basis and may not be available, particularly within two weeks of the game.

Q: What does it mean if a game no longer appears at
A: If a game does not appear at, tickets are no longer available for the All Star Student Achiever program for that date. You can select a different game within the program or order regularly priced tickets through Ticketmaster.