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What's wrong with Turner Field?
What will happen to Turner Field?


What is BRED?
How will the stadium be funded?
What is the CMF?

Transportation and Access

Will we have mass transit in the area?


What will happen to the gas lines underneath the property?
Recently, the Braves have finalized a series of long-term contracts with their players. Are these player decisions being fueled by the new stadium?
Will the stadium interfere with the operations at Dobbins Air Force Base?
Will the Braves be changing their name or logo when they move?
What will happen to the bricks/monuments in Monument Grove?
Can we purchase pieces of Turner Field?
How many staff members do you have, and what will happen to Braves workers when the stadium moves?

The new stadium will be located near the center of the Braves' fan base.

The new stadium will have an Atlanta address at the intersection of I-75 and I-285. It will feature increased access to major roadways, a variety of transportation options and additional parking close to the stadium.

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