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Chick-fil-A Cow set for journey from Turner Field to Braves' new home at SunTrust Park

Mar. 7, 2016

Since 2008, the Braves' most loyal supporter -- residing over each home contest through rain or shine, win or lose -- has been a 40-foot, 36,000-pound steel cow. Chick-fil-A's most popular bovine has joined Braves Country to celebrate the storied franchise for the past eight seasons.

What started as a sponsor's promotion quickly became a welcomed friend at Turner Field; fans were delighted to discover the Cow would join them in performing the traditional tomahawk chop following big plays and embraced the enormous new addition to the home of the Braves. For every Braves home run hit during its time at Turner Field (530 to be exact), the Cow chopped right alongside the fans. When Hall of Famers John Smoltz and Tom Glavine retired, the Cow joined in on waving goodbye. During 2013's memorable 96-win season to top the NL East, the Cow cheered its beloved Braves through each of the 56 home victories. Over the last eight years, the chopping Cow has become a symbol of Braves baseball, a fixture at both Turner Field and in the hearts of Braves fans everywhere.

Needless to say, as plans to move to SunTrust Park unfolded, the question loomed: What happens to the Cow? How will this move impact such a loyal friend and Braves fanatic who Turner Field hosted for nearly a decade? Have no fear Braves Country, he's packing up and coming along. While the distance from Turner Field to SunTrust Park is a short drive up I-75, the Cow will embark on an 834-mile adventure, starting with its descent from over Turner Field's left-field line March 5 and ending with a new vantage point over right-center field in SunTrust Park in April. In between, the beloved bovine will get some well-deserved R&R in New Orleans where a team of 20 people will spend 10,000 hours giving him a facelift. He'll be outfitted with a brand new LED signboard, shining bright for the next chapter of Braves baseball at SunTrust Park. During the 2016 season, the Cow will watch from afar and keep an eye on construction at SunTrust Park until Opening Day 2017.

Check out this photo gallery of the Cow's initial steps in moving from Turner Field to SunTrust Park. You can also follow the Cow's journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And for more fun facts on the Braves' favorite cow, see below.

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